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ChristianOfferings Etsy Store

Visit my christianofferings Etsy store to see a variety of Christian/Catholic Printable Wall Art and Gifts that I have created: 

I Lost My Shoes, Written and Illustrated by Donna Haupt

Color Theory for Artists

Color Theory Here are two teaching videos on basic color theory.  In order to view, highlight the https:// link and open in youtube.  Enjoy! Color Theory for Artists – Part I: Color Theory for Artists – Part II:

GalleryTen on Etsy

GalleryTen on Etsy  Visit my GalleryTen Etsy store to see a variety of digital/printable items that I have created.  These include greeting and note cards, art prints, and articulated dolls. Check me out at:    

Are You Having Trouble Drawing? Here Are A Few Tips

Having Trouble Drawing?   Sometimes we reach a point when our drawings become difficult because we do not understand the concept of what we are drawing.   You know when you get to that point where you are erasing more than drawing. Your work table and floor become covered with eraser bits and debris.  This happens when… read more

Ideas to Get You Motivated and Keep You Active

Ideas to Get You Motivated and Keep You Active Sometimes we just need a spark of motivation, a jump-start, to get back into our studios and work spaces and start drawing and painting. I believe motivation is the energy that puts us on the road to accomplishing our goals. Motivation is that excitement, that driving force, the… read more

Patron Saint of Wine, Wine Makers and Wine Growers

Patron Saint of Wine   I Googled “patron saint of wine” and to my amazement the nuns were still keeping secrets from us about the lives of the saints. Don’t get me wrong, the stories of the saints are stories of hardships, sacrifice, and so much martyrdom. But the naughty in me was the discovery of being… read more

Patron Saint of Beer and Brewers

Patron Saint of Beer and Brewers     I just recently learned there are patron saints of beer, correctly stated, patron saints of brewers. In Catholic elementary school we were taught about the lives of the saints, but the discussion of beer was certainly not part of the curriculum. Actually, there are more than 20 patron saints… read more


Welcome to my blog. Please enter.  Take a seat, wine and beer are in the refrigerator and other tidbits and good morsels. I start with the subject of wine and beer, only because I have recently discovered that there are patron saints associated with these beverages. And painting my rendition of the patron saints has become my… read more