12.00"x6.00" Oil and gold leaf, unframed

Not for sale

Description of Saint Leonard of Noblac

This oil painting is the artist’s rendition of St. Leonard of Noblac, the Patron Saint against burglaries, robberies, robbers, and imprisoned people.
St. Leonard was of Frankish nobility. As a joke the pagan Queen Clovis suggested Leonard invoke the help of God to stop an invading army. Leonard prayed and Clovis was victorious. After this miracle King Clovis and many pagans converted to Christianity. Leonard desired to know God, left the royal court and began a life of austerity. He entered a monastery, but desired further seclusion and withdrew into the forest living on herbs, wild fruits, and spring water. Leonard had a great compassion for prisoners, obtained release and converted many. His feast day is celebrated November 6.