… read more.

Color TheoryHere are two teaching videos on basic color theory.Color Theory for Artists - Part I: Theory for Artists - Part II:… read more.

Having Trouble Drawing?  Sometimes we reach a point when our drawings become difficult because we do not understand the concept of what we are drawing.   You know when you get to that point where you are erasing more than drawing. Your work table and floor become covered with eraser… read more.

Ideas to Get You Motivated and Keep You Active Sometimes we just need a spark of motivation, a jump-start, to get back into our studios and work spaces and start drawing and painting. I believe motivation is the energy that puts us on the road to accomplishing our goals. Motivation is that… read more.

Patron Saint of Wine   I Googled “patron saint of wine” and to my amazement the nuns were still keeping secrets from us about the lives of the saints. Don’t get me wrong, the stories of the saints are stories of hardships, sacrifice, and so much martyrdom. But the naughty… read more.